Trail Rated®

get what it takes

Jeep® 4x4 vehicles are created to conquer some of the world's toughest off-road terrain.
Only vehicles that pass in all five categories earn the Trail Rated badge.
Jeep® vehicles have suspension systems that enhance on and off-road performance by maximizing flexibility, axle articulation, and wheel travel.
Trail Rated traction helps you maintain controlled forward motion.
Traverse that stream with confidence. Trail Rated Jeep® vehicles have the capability to safely manage up to 30 inches of water.
Precision steering, tight turning radius, and optimized wheelbases to navigate narrow gaps and handle emergency situations.
Head out knowing that your Jeep® vehicle has optimized approach, departure, and breakover angles designed to clear logs, rock and uneven ground.
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For 75 years, we have built SUVs that inspire a sense of freedom and adventure.
Throughout our history, we've never deterred from that mission.