Jeep Roadside Assistance is a dedicated roadside assistance program which provides 24 hour roadside assistance. It only takes a flat tyre in driving rain to make you swear never to be without a roadside assist service. And if you are stranded in the middle of nowhere, you’ll be relieved help is just a phone call away.


  • Tele-assist
  • Roadside assistance
  • Flat or faulty batteries
  • Emergency vehicle access
  • Flat tyres
  • Emergency fuel
  • Emergency message relay
  • Taxi
  • Accomodation (100km or more from home, up to $150 - one night)
  • Rental vehicle (100km or more from home, 5 days)
  • Alternative travel assistance
  • Vehicle recovery after a breakdown
  • Personalised holiday planner
  • Cancellation/re-booking travel arrangements
  • Emergency parts co-ordination
  • Medical advice/assistance
  • Motoring legal advice


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